Through a photographer’s lens: exploring the possibilities of mobile work

A flexible, comfortable workspace on wheels that helps you balance work and play.


Imagine this situation: While you’re traveling on the road, suddenly some urgent work falls in your lap. You’ve got your laptop, but can't find a place to use it securely and privately. What would be ideal is a place like your home or office, where you can comfortably concentrate, but to be there right now…;

Nissan is working with Japanese furniture maker Itoki Corporation on a mobile and fully functional workspace that could help meet such needs. It’s a Nissan NV200 commercial van, called “Moow” (yes, the sound a cow makes), with a specially customized rear interior that provides a comfortable place to work where you choose.

Think of a photographer. They’re always on the move and shooting multiple subjects for different projects. In the video below, a photographer has important plans after work and wants to finish up completely on location

The subject of this video, Hiromitsu Yasui, is actually a professional photographer. After using Moow, he said: "The interior was very relaxing, just like my own place. This helped me get more work done. And then when I opened the sliding side door, a beautiful view was right there. It was like working with the best of both worlds."

Moow exterior

Moow interior

Photographer working inside Moow

Photographer, Hiromitsu Yasui

We’re always looking for new and unique ways for people to experience our vehicles, and to provide options for the new working styles of digital nomads and beyond.

Nissan plans to start sales of Moow through dealerships in Japan within this year.