Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy


This warranty applies to new Nissan vehicles distributed by VAD company, which are registered for circulation and operating within the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


  • The warranty period begins the date the NISSAN vehicle is delivered to the first car buyer.
  • The period for new vehicle warranty is 60 months or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.
  • This warranty is provided to the original and subsequent owners of the Nissan vehicle during the warranty period.


Except for those items listed under the caption titled “What is not covered”, Nissan guarantees to repair or replace any part on the Nissan vehicle which proves defective in materials or workmanship and at the same time meets warranty conditions (free of charge for both Parts and Labours).

Authorized Nissan dealers will be the place to receive warranty claims and perform necessary repairs or replacements for the customer's vehicle under the warranty.


  • Damage or failures resulting use of non-genuine Nissan parts, repairs not performed by an authorized Nissan dealer or lack of performance of proper maintenance services as regulated by the manufacturer. 
  • Damage resulting misuse (racing, overloading), alteration, tampering, improper repair, installation of spare parts / accessories by person other than Nissan dealer, or accident.
  • Any Nissan vehicle on which the odometer reading has been changed so that mileage cannot be readily determined.
  • Environmental damage such as acid rain, chemicals, tree sap, salt, hail, storms, lightning, flooding and other natural impacts.
  • Details affected by wear and tear, such as natural fading of painted surfaces, plated surfaces, seat upholstery or other worn-out parts over time.
  • Natural deterioration phenomena over time such as noise, vibration, oil penetration, corrosion, and fogging of headlights.Service maintenance costs are at your expense.
  • The related costs are not covered by the warranty:

- Expenses for travelling, phone calls, accommodation, meals, etc. due to vehicle breakdown at a location far the authorized Nissan dealers.

- Compensation for time, business damage or car rental costs during the repair period.

- Other costs or damages (if any) are not listed here.


Your Nissan vehicle has been manufactured with high durability, but scheduled maintenance is maintenance is necessary to ensure your Nissan vehicle operates properly and efficiently. ·

  • The first periodic maintenance for a new Nissan vehicle is 1,000 km or 1 month, whichever comes first. This maintenance is especially important because it allows authorized sealers to check and repair immediately (if necessary) to ensure the safety of customers during use of the vehicle. ·
  • The periodic maintenance schedule is specified in the Owner’s Manual. You should take the initiative to bring the vehicle to Nissan dealers for regular maintenance at every 5,000 km or 3 months, whichever comes first.


  • One of the required conditions to enjoy the new car warranty ·
  • Outstanding and perfect service quality, ensuring safety and improving vehicle's longevity ·
  • Nissan trained technicians regularly updated with technical information ·
  • Advanced equipment and tools ·
  • Genuine parts and reputable repair warranty ·
  • Competitive service price