Global Nissan Technical Training Center

Every Nissan car is built according to a private and secret production process. However, there is one place where you can be exposed to these special processes called "karate dojo" or Nissan engineering training centers globally.

At the Nissan Global Technical Training Center (GTC), trainees Nissan factories all over the world have to undergo rigorous training in order to acquire advanced production techniques and processes. most advanced. After the course, "senior experts" will return to the local factories, continue to train subordinates, improve production processes and contribute to maintaining global Nissan's operating standards.

Area inside the Oppama factory of Nissan in Japan

Currently, Nissan has about 30 global technical training centers (GTC), about 70% of which are located outside of Japan. With the number of factories being distributed around the world, there is not a single production process for all of these factories. Therefore, to ensure production quality, Nissan has chosen to focus on developing the human factor. The GTC is the cradle of training for many senior Nissan experts, they not only acquire the most advanced knowledge but also help impart these experiences to the entire Nissan factory system, ensuring the process. Manufacturing is always updated and complies with global standards. This is the goal that the GTC was created.

Training procedures at the "dojos"

At GTC, the mode of conveying knowledge is always combined in parallel between theory and practice. For example, when a bolt is not tightened properly, it can easily fall off. Therefore, students are asked to practice the simplest of techniques to avoid making basic mistakes.

Besides, continuous practice is a key factor for success. Practitioners must continuously practice to improve their own skills. A novice can make up to 10 mistakes when tightening bolts, but they will try to reduce the number of errors to zero by completing the course. The support of continuous visual and practical teaching aids makes the language difference between the student and the instructor absolutely does not affect the training process. Each course can last two weeks to three months. Upon completion, the trainees will receive the title of "senior expert" and bring their knowledge to work in the local factory.

However, in order to be fully recognized for this title, the trainees must undergo the "test" in the end. After a training course of about 3-6 months, surveys will be conducted in factories under the management of these new “senior experts” to check whether they are actually applying the ants effectively. of course. In addition, each new “senior expert” needs to propose an internal training program and its outcome is also a factor of assessment during the test.

The spirit of Nissan

Becoming a "senior trainer" is a privilege that not many people achieve. They not only need to excel in their area of ​​expertise, but also need to embrace Nissan's core values. They are the factors "DNA" that originated the creation and development of Nissan, with the spirit of collective, respect for order, purity, transparency and discipline.

At the end of each training course, participants should praise and thank each other for their efforts in the course. This mindset and culture are also spread to all Nissan factories around the world. The production techniques "monozukuri" can be "made in Japan" (originating in Japan) - but what makes the Nissan brand is a group of unity and unity globally.

Since its first launch in 2015, GTC training courses have been aimed at continuously improving production quality at all Nissan factories in Russia, China, India and other regions. other around the world. The training content ranges walking exercises to flexible left-hand use.

Every year, GTC organizes global competitions, attracting about 300 contestants factories around the world. Candidates had to go through "intense" rounds before entering the final round held at Oppama factory and showcasing the best skills.

In front of the Oppama factory of Nissan there is always a signboard stating "Nissan brand value is not built in just one day". After each course, the trainees not only stop after obtaining the Senior Training Specialist certificate, but also continue to carry out the mission of "dojo" - affirming the brand and quality of global Nissan.