Nissan Navara - Technology Makes the Distinction

Sharing with Otofun, Pham Quan, one of the very first owners of Navara in Vietnam, said, "I chose to buy the Nissan Navara VL because it was a pickup with the most safety features in 2015". Mr. Quan said that Navara had a powerful engine, differential lock, 7-speed gearbox ... which was the number one pick-up segment at that time.
So looking back after 5 years, what are the strengths of Navara at the present time?

Durable over time

As a pick-up owner who loves to challenge and explore, Mr. Pham Quan has accompanied Navara during 5 years of use, over 160,000km. The car has taken Mr. Quan through many roads with arduous terrain, explored the Northwest, conquered the most famous passes in Vietnam.
Especially, in three years participating in the VOC racing competition organized by OTOFUN forum, he and the Navara always won high prizes. It was the first prize in the team competition at VOC 2017, the second prize in the pickup category at VOC 2018 and the third prize for the pickup category at VOC 2019.

Mr Pham Quan and his teammates have won many high prize at the VOC

Navara's durability and solidity can be explained through the fully boxed ladder frame, inheriting the prestige legacy of Nissan. The system with reinforced steel material makes the structure of the entire vehicle hard, firm and durable. In addition, the suspension with stabilizer ensuring stable operation on all road conditions, not shaking, good resistance when riding on bumpy roads.

Nissan Navara uses fully boxed ladder frame

Focus on technology

Without too much emphasis on the styling, Navara since its debut has always chosen technology as its strong point and directed towards a practical experience. In addition to the basic safety technologies, Nissan researches and develops the Active Brake Limit Slip (ABLS) that maximizes support when the car enters muddy areas. This system automatically stops the wheel that has lost traction while transferring torque to the remaining wheels to help the car through difficult situations. This can be considered as an improvement of the traction control system (TCS).

ABLS helps the Navara get through the mud easily

One of the worthy features of Navara is the rotary switch function, allowing users to switch modes even when the car is moving at 100km/h. Drivers can select 2WD or 4H or 4L modes simply through the knob in the dashboard. This also helps the Navara maximize its power the 2.5L turbo diesel engine with up to 3 tons of towing power.

Rotary switch (Shift-on-the-fly)

In addition, the Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control and the design of the Approach/Departure angle also help the car to overcome rough terrain and bumps better. According to Nissan, Navara has an approach angle of up to 32.4 degrees, an departure angle of 26.7 degrees and a ground clearance of 230mm. In addition, the underbody panels also help to protect the under-vehicle components impact during use.
Nissan Navara is also quite fond of the Vietnamese market as it is a rare model in the segment equipped with a 360 panoramic camera. This system includes four cameras mounted around the vehicle, supporting the driver visibility and is especially useful when reversing, driving in inner city, narrow parking lots or at night.

Offering a unique smooth experience

2016 was also a memorable milestone with the launch of the Navara EL. This is the first time that a pickup truck in Vietnam has a multi-link rear suspension. As a result, Navara EL changes the user's perception of a pickup model, not only be strong in terms of usability but also brings a smooth experience. Passengers will experience a smooth drive, even when going in heavy loads, carrying many people, or on rough terrain. Until now, Navara EL is still the only model in the segment equipped with multi-link suspension.

Multi-link rear suspension on Navara

A recap

It can be seen that even as a pickup, Nissan Navara is still carefully cared for by the Japanese automaker. The Japanese automaker has continuously received international awards. In Vietnam, this is also one of the best-selling cars which many people choose when looking for a family pickup.
Since October 1st, 2020, Nissan Navara as well as the Nissan brand in Vietnam are officially distributed by Vietnam Automotive Industry Development Ltd (VAD) with a system of 28 authorized dealers nationwide. In addition to product quality, the new distributor is committed to ensuring all the benefits for customers such as warranty, repair and replacement of parts. With the new distributor, Nissan promises to have more attractive policies as well as improve service for customers.

Source: CSAT (Otofun)