What do users feel when choosing Nissan Navara?

Owning two Nissan-branded pickups for choosing a pickup that is no different, Navara users have shared the truth below.

The Vietnam pickup segment is the Ford Ranger's territory with high sales and regularly in the top 10 best-selling cars in the market. Because of this dominance, sometimes consumers forget that the pickup segment also has the presence of other equally inferior faces such as Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, ... or a model that has never announced sales. Nissan Navara.

Recently, a writer and a regular active in the domestic vehicle segment - admin group Oto + Nguyen Manh Thang had honest sharing when asked about the reason why he chose to choose a Nissan pickup model twice. any other car.

Admin Nguyen Manh Thang with his Nissan Navara

Below are the almost literal shares of admin Nguyen Manh Thang with readers:

“I am a follower of domestic vehicle activities, but most of all, I am a person who likes cars, likes to drive and loves to experience. I chose for myself 2 Nissan Navara rather than any other pickup. Many people know me quite surprised and always ask the question: why did you choose Navara and not the Ranger? Or is Ranger not good for you not to choose it?

To find out the cause, first of all let me analyze the pros and cons of the 2015 Navara model I own compared to other pickup models.

First of all about the points I'm not satisfied with. First, in terms of appearance, the capo of Navara is designed high on the sides, making the view limited, for those with a smaller body shape, this is even more detrimental to them when holding. drive. Not only that, column A on Navara is relatively large, slightly hidden view when moving in crowded streets.

In terms of interior, I personally find the taplo section on Navara 2015 is owned mainly by plastic, although the classic design does not worry about mode errors but not beautiful. The model I own the most advanced version of the VL is only equipped with a small 4-inch screen, and the reverse camera is dim. Fortunately, generations later, Nissan has improved this annoyance when the screen has been upgraded to an 8-inch with a 360-degree cam.

Engine-wise, Navara is using a fairly old generation 2.5 L engine, although the parameters are not bad, but it has a rather noisy bang. Turbo lag phenomenon is quite obvious. When the engine is low, the car lags and screams, annoying the driver, especially for those who are allergic to noise.

Speaking of safety equipment, the model I own has only two airbags. Also fortunately, later generations have been added to 7 airbags.

Leaving aside the details that made me unsatisfied, the Nissan Navara had advantages that made me have to pay twice for it.

Firstly, at the time of 2005 I bought Navara and I can say it is the car equipped with the most secure systems. From ABS, ESP, support for horizontal slope departure, downhill assist, rear differential lock ... Navara's lights are rated as the best in the segment.

Although the engine is quite inert at low rpm, in contrast, when the machine reaches the threshold of 2000 rpm or more, it shows the most power in the segment. I tried dragging myself against the formidable rival king of the segment - Ranger wildtrak 3.2 and Navara won.

Also at the time of 2015, Navara's 7-speed gearbox is the best rated gearbox in the segment when keeping high-speed, fast shifts.

Another reason for me to like Navara is that the front suspension of this car with a long journey, quite good handling and compact pothole holes, the rear suspension using tweezers but the tweezers under the bridge. This also has the advantage of lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle, making the car stable when moving fast or cornering. However, this does reduce the offroad capabilities of the car slightly. At the same time, Navara's chassis is considered to be extremely solid.

Navara seats in my opinion are the most comfortable and satisfactory in the segment with soft and smooth leather seats. The electric driver's seat also has an inflatable which makes people with back pain like me feel really comfortable. Nissan calls it the weightless seat. Navara's second row space can also be said to be quite comfortable, although not the most segmented, but also acceptable.

After more than 10 thousand kilometers, I found that Navara is a very good car. I have not replaced anything yet. Usage costs are also low, because Navara is also the car with the lowest fuel consumption index in the segment. Usually in the street more than 10L range. On the road, when you install cruise control at 80km / h, the consumption is less than 7L first. Calculating 1 km away, the cost of oil is cheaper than the cost of road.

Besides, I do not mention whether the heavy oil assist like Navara's shackles is good or bad. Some people will criticize, but for me, since it has been almost 20 years since I know how to drive, I have been driving all-oil electric power steering and I like the system's feel of hand and good road response. Instead of the light electric aid but very lack of feeling.

As a person who likes stable and durable cars, I chose Japanese instead of American and I find Navara the car that best suits my way of running. And that choice is correct for me and I have never regretted it. If you do not believe it, just try climbing Navara and running continuously for 1000 km. When you get out of the car, you will see why you love this car so much ”.